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Welcome to PDT, Inc.

Precision Data Technology (PDT)
, a manufacturing and product development company located  in the Pacific Northwest, provides quality test and  measurement instrumentation for the nuclear safeguards  industry.

Our Product Line consists  of a variety of standard and customized charge-sensitive  amplifier modules providing users a complete, efficient  and reliable solution for neutron counting.


PDT is proud to introduce our family of radiation hardened compact neutron pulse monitoring modules. PDT's Neutron Pulse Monitoring Modules contain a precision highly sensitive wide bandwidth charge sensitive preamplifier. The preamplifier is followed by an amplifier, wave shaping circuitry, discriminator and low output impedance driver that convert the discriminator pulse to a standard TTL pulse.

PDT20A-HN PDT10A-C If you need a high voltage supply, we have integrated this into modules also.  Using PDT Neutron Pulse Monitoring Modules, you have the ability to view and control the amplifier sensitivity by adjusting the gain or discriminator threshold. You can also vary the TTL pulse width and even control the high voltage power supply over a range of 0 to 2200 volts.  Many other features are also available, including high radiation resistance modules, all designed to make your job easier.  Leave the electronics burden to us, so you can focus on your data gathering and analysis.  Modules can be customized to your application needs.

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