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Safety Instructions

The 10 Series, 20 Series, 100 Series, 150A and 210A instruments should not be used in excess of the indicated voltages and currents stated on the instrument or in the safety instructions.

Under no circumstance should power be applied to these instruments until all cables have been properly attached. Never apply power or voltages to these instruments until the instruments have been properly connected to an HN connector of a gas-filled detector. Always connect the power supply ground and all cables to an earth ground before applying power. When connecting high voltage to the HV IN connector, always use the proper high voltage connectors and cables. The proper types of connectors can be obtained from Precision Data Technology, Inc.

Precision Data Technology recommends that you use only cables supplied by Precision Data Technology.

Use of any other cables is at your own risk. Voltage on the HV IN connector must never exceed 2200 volts and the power source must be current-limited to 100 microamperes (100µA) or less.

Do not use the instrument if it is damaged.

Inspect the instrument thoroughly prior to use. Look for cracks, damaged connectors, dents or any indications of improper handling. Do not use the instrument if it operates abnormally. When in doubt, have the instrument serviced.

Use caution when working with voltage above 42 volts peak or 30 volts RMS, or 60 volts dc.

Such voltages pose a shock hazard. When using the connector or other probes, keep your fingers away form the instrument's connector contacts. Connect the grounds of all cable connectors that interface to PDT100A, PDT110A, PDT120A, PDT122A and PDT210A instruments.

Before testing any part of the instrument, disconnect the power and discharge all high voltage capacitors in the equipment under test, including Precision Data Technology instruments .

Do not attempt to repair Precision Data Technology instruments.

Contact Precision Data Technology Instruments, Inc. for proper use and techniques for discharging capacitors.

The high voltage pin located at the bottom of the instrument should be discharged to earth ground before removal of the instrument from the HN connector.

Use safe work practices when handling all Precision Data Technology, Inc. instruments.

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